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Nazir Ahmed 
Chairman , Wener Group

Message From Chairman

Wener has established itself as a dominant player in the electronics and appliance industry, renowned for its unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and safety standards. Located in Bangladesh, the company spearheads the development of cutting-edge, high-value electronics that prioritize environmental responsibility through robust waste management practices. For generations, Wener has championed customer satisfaction, exceeding expectations through meticulously streamlined operations, a highly skilled workforce, and unparalleled after-sales service. The company fosters a dynamic talent pool by implementing competitive human resource practices that emphasize employee well-being and continuous professional development. Through a comprehensive suite of training programs, development initiatives, and incentive structures, Wener cultivates a workforce that is both content and adept.

Embracing the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Wener remains at the forefront of innovation, relentlessly pursuing advancements in operational efficiency. Their product portfolio boasts a compelling array of technologically sophisticated electronics, catering to diverse consumer needs. Millions of customers across the globe entrust Wener with their electronics needs, a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to reliability, superior quality, and competitive pricing. Currently, Wener maintains a robust domestic presence with a sprawling network of dealers. Recognizing the vast potential in emerging markets, the company is actively expanding its operations into regions like Nepal, Bhutan, Latin America, and Africa. By strategically investing in core areas like switch manufacturing and LED lighting and fan production, Wener positions itself for continued growth and solidifies its position as a global leader in sustainable electronics

Wener: Powering Bangladeshi Homes for Over Two Decades

About Us

At Wener, we've been a proud part of the Bangladeshi community since 2003. Our story began in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where we started by specializing in electrical accessories and electronics manufacturing. Today, we're one of the nation's leading producers of household switches, sockets, and circuit breakers.


Tarek Mahmud
Managing Director, Wener Group

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Quality You Can Trust, Service You Can Count On

We take immense pride in the quality of our products. Every switch, socket, and circuit breaker that leaves our facility is built to the highest standards. But our commitment goes beyond just the product. We offer exceptional customer service, ensuring you have a smooth and positive experience with Wener.

Constant Improvement, Ever-Expanding Service

At Wener, we never settle for good enough. We're constantly striving to improve our products and services. We listen to the needs of our local community and use that feedback to expand our offerings, ensuring we continue to serve you best.

Building Relationships, Building a Better Future

We believe in building strong relationships with our customers. That's why incomparable customer care is at the heart of everything we do. It's this focus on building trust that keeps our community coming back to Wener, generation after generation.

Wener: Your Partner in Building a Brighter Future

We're more than just a manufacturer; we're a trusted partner in powering Bangladeshi homes. As we look to the future, we remain committed to providing you with the quality products and exceptional service you deserve.

Our Management Team

At Wener, we believe strong leadership is essential to achieving our mission and driving success. Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience, diverse perspectives, and a shared passion for Wener quality.

Our Executive Team

Our executive team showcases diverse and complementary skill sets that gives us a competitive advantage and flourishes collaboration. Our philosophy is ingrainedin our mode of work and our outputs reflect our slogan : sure, quality best!

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